Membership Fees for 2019/20 Financial Year

Membership fees have two components

  • Insurance and state affiliation fees for individuals, 
  • Club fees. (we try to keep these as low as possible). Non-club fees are set by Queensland Canoeing (QC).
Category Insurance &
State Affiliation
Senior Membership 12 months from June $100 $70.00 $170.00
6 months from Jan $75 $52.50 $127.50
3 months from Apr $50 $35.00 $85.00
Junior Membership 12 months from June $90 $30.00 $120.00
6 months from Jan $65 $22.50 $87.50
3 months from Apr $40 $15.00 $55.00


  • Student discount: a $40 discount is available for full time students who are over 18 and take out a 12 month membership.
    This reduces the total from $170 to $130. A valid student card must be produced at your first training session.
  • Regional members discount: a $20 discount is offered to members who travel 1.5 hours or more to training sessions and take out a 12 month membership. The total fee for regional members is $150.
  • Family Rebate is available when an additional family member joins. The joining member receives a 20% discount to the club component.
  • 6-month membership is only available from January until financial year end.
  • 3-month membership is only available from April until financial year end.
  • Trial canoeist applications are no longer available to existing members from the previous financial year.
  • Under the new insurance and state affiliation fees there is now only one class of membership for seniors and juniors i.e. there is no longer a distinction between recreational and competitive memberships.
  • Juniors are those under 18 years.
  • New members and those with who were not financial in the last 6 months must complete a membership form (the form must be completed on both sides).
  • For confirmation of membership costs or related enquiries please contact Guy Stephens (treasurer)
  • To apply, please visit the Paddle Qld membership site at, deposit payment into the club account via EFT transfer (see details below), and notify the treasurer by email.
  • Club account details for direct deposit: Bank of Queensland  BSB 124-112 Account 22337448

What your fees provide:

  • Insurance cover.
  • Australian Canoeing membership which allows access to inter-club activities & official competitions.
  • Coaching and training (polo & white water) (external groups may charge up to $100/day).
  • Free boat & gear hire at club training and events.
  • Reduced costs of club constructed equipment (i.e. children’s polo boat).
  • Occasional access to new gear at reduced prices due to bulk purchases and club discounts.
  • First preference when purchasing 2nd hand equipment.
  • Reduced cost access to some Queensland canoeing activities (may depend if recreational or competition)


Polo Game Fees

SCCC Members AC Members Trial U/18 Trial 18+
Game Fee Free $5 $5 $10
Boat and gear hire Free $5 N/C N/C

QC requires Trial Canoeists to pay $5.00 U/18 & $10.00 18+ insurance levy per trial for a maximum of 3 trials. This is included in our stated fee.

General Boat hire

Single Kayak           $10 per use day – Min $20 p/wk

Double Kayak          $20 per use day – Min $40 p/wk


Hire fees must be paid in advance.

Long term hire fees are negotiable depending on proposed usage.


Polo Boat mould hire

Adults –        $80 min charge

Kids –           $25 min charge

$160 p/mth

Non-member Security Charge $500 refundable upon return in good condition