Costs for hiring equipment

Costs – Boats and Associated Equipment 

Polo kayaks and other gear may be hired from the club on most occasions starting from $5.00.
Please call Peter Cooke 07 32796560 (AH) at least 24 hours before an activity if you require extra gear for invited guests etc. This ensures that enough equipment to go around is transported to the site.
The cost of $5 barely covers boat replacement and wear & tear on skirts, paddles, life jackets, helmets and trailer costs, but is kept low to encourage participation.

Fees of $4.00 per person are charged to members for each kayaking and polo event. This pays for goals, balls etc.

Club kayaks & canoes.


There is limited range of other equipment that may be hired by members for themselves and friends, starting at $10.00 per day, or at a reduced rate for weekly hire, contact Peter Cooke 07 32796560 (AH) several days before they are required, to make arrangements.

The club owns Two Canadian canoes, 6 TK2’2 (two place flat water touring kayak) and one TK1 (single place touring kayak). These boats are at Peter’s house at Riverhills. Contact Peter on 07 32796560.

There are also 12 Kidz kayaks (children’s kayaks) 7 plastic polo kayaks and 1 fibreglass polo kayak. 2 Plastic “Dancer” whitewater kayaks. A “Topo Duo” which is a two place plastic whitewater boat and a “Diablo”, a plastic whitewater kayak as well as 4 plastic slalom kayaks.

All canoes and kayaks have matching paddles, spray decks and PFD’s if required
The full list of club equipment is accessible via the Documents menu.


Entry to many competitions is usually $5-10 per day of competition per person. State level competition may involve higher per team charges.
If you want to buy your own gear it can often be obtained for half price or less second hand. Newer type plastic boats should last a lifetime, some indicative prices for new equipment below. Club discounts and bulk purchases are sometimes available.

Boat          $700.00 – $1400.00
Paddles     $100.00 (plastic and aluminium ) – $350.00+ (carbon fiber )
Skirts        $100 – $200
Life Vest   $100 – $200
Helmet      $70 – $100